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Takeoff Tools

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Now you can do your entire takeoff INSIDE OF YOUR EXCEL WORKSHEET Do you put your cost estimates together in Excel? The majority of contractors do, so that means you are manually copying and pasting takeoffs from another takeoff program into your excel worksheet.

With our takeoff application it is actually an ADD ON to your excel program. This technology in takeoffs eliminates copy and paste and transferring errors who might accidentally drop quantities in the wrong cell. No errors and no zeros missing from your estimates. Try it free click here

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PreQual /AECContacts

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Automating your contact info has never been easier!

Do you struggle to keep your subcontractor up to date? Do you never have time to update your design and construction contacts? Does your office have a lengthy prequalification form that needs to be manually input and added to your Contact Management System? Is your Contact Management System an Excel Spreadsheet or an MS Outlook ?

If you answered yes to any of these questions than you need to add AECCONTACTS to your website and your email correspondence. Click here to try it and see how easy it is to implement.

Let AECCONTACTS send a timed message to all contractors on an anniversary date prompting them to update their info OR alerting you and them that their insurance is expiring

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Are you trying to use your emai inbox as a document management solution for your projects? Do you frantically search to find contractor submittals, shop drawings, bids, meeting minutes, etc?

Add AECMailbox to your email signature or company website, and automatically organize all incoming documents by project type, approval status, project, actions required, etc. Categorizes and organizes all project documents and vendor data right from your website and your project team can upload any size file. Now anyone you do business with can upload any size file and have it submitted to a centralized place for all desired to access. Try it by clicking here

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Project Closeout

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Do you struggle to keep track of all the documents you are owed by everyone on your project team? Is your method of tracking the trades and the documents they owe you a giant spreadsheet that you manually update? Closing out a project has never been easier with our Closeout Tool.

Alerts each vendor about specific project documents owed until they comply! Automatically sends alerts to all every contractor of documents still owed to complete the Closeout. Alerts you as to contractors submissions and to contractors who are overdue. Automate your Closeout process and get paid faster! Click Here

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File distribution and tracking of your projects docs and who is in possession of them. Centralized collaboration platform for decentralized project teams. Send or receive project files while tracking revisions, document possession, and all project shareholder activity. Get a FREE TRIAL ACCOUNT CLICK HERE

Speed Bid/Bid Management

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PUT A JOB OUT TO BID IN MINUTES RIGHT NOW!! Fill out a 3 minute form and our system emails you back a Speed Bid Invitation. Speed Bid sends you alerts via a spreadsheet as to bidder response, trades with weak coverage, and will even allow you to search our national directory for trades that your project lacks coverage in. Try it now free

Planrooms for Architects

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Pulbic and private planrooms specifically designed for the needs of todays web savy architect firms. Contact us to see how they fit your business needs

Submittal/RFI Manager

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ORGANIZING AND TRACKING SUBMITTALS AND RFI STATUS MADE EASY - Coming Soon!!!! Contact us to try and beta test our new version.

Planset Enterprise

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Planset enterprise is your ticket to enterprise use of all of our solutions. No limits on use, storage, users, projects or restrictions any of our Planset Applications. Contact us about pricing or click here.


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Do you ever review HARD COPY documents in the field and in the office, mark them up to reflect proposed changes to Shop Drawings, As Builts, etc and need to share them with your project team? iMarkups is a cloud based platform that enables anyone to physically markup a PAPER drawing from anywhere! NO COMPUTER or SCANNER REQUIRED markup with a pen from any remote location! The paper markup will synch to your cloud based current digital set in the cloud and automatically update/link to the specific drawing (right from your HANDWRITTEN MARKUP) !!!

Markup with pen and paper meets the cloud instantly with no manually steps in between! Our cloud based platform is the first and only of its kind to marry paper drawing markups to a cloud based document management system on the fly with no manual steps to push your HAND WRITTEN changes to your plans back to your cloud based document control set.

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